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Messages from Senator Wiggins

September 2010

Dear Friends:

Representing the North Coast in the State Legislature has been both a privilege and an honor. Over the course of 10 years (six in the Assembly and four in the Senate), my offices have been open to your opinions and ideas on issues both large and small, be they focused on local, state or even national matters.

Some of your suggestions served as the basis for legislation, and some of that legislation went on to become law. Government truly works best when people work together.

During my 10-year career in the Legislature, I’ve had 140 pieces of legislation enacted into law, including: AB 857, the most comprehensive state land use and infrastructure law passed in 30 years; SB 497, which prevented vast stretches of our precious coastline from being destroyed in the name of commercial and residential development; AB 1475, establishing the Safe Routes to School program which has provided tens of millions of dollars to local governments to ensure that California school children have safer passage between home and school; and AB 858 and AB 635, which prevented appropriations of water from North Coast rivers until the potential impact on salmon and steelhead populations could be assessed.

The accomplishments page of this web site highlights my legislative accomplishments in the Assembly and Senate, focusing on bills and resolutions that I authored during my career (along with a few that I co-authored with other Legislators).

Not all of the measures that I’ve had enacted into law are reflected in this web site. However, the measures contained herein provide an excellent overview of my policy priorities as a member of the Legislature – protecting working families, defending the environment, conserving agricultural lands and wild lands, strengthening consumer protections, overturning archaic or needless laws hindering California’s wine industry, and giving struggling or endangered species a fighting chance to recover.

Thank you for your calls, letters, emails, petitions, faxes and visits over the years. California is a better place when people like you choose to be involved.


Patricia Wiggins, Senator
2nd District


Delivered August 23, 2009 at the Women in the Wine Country event

First, let me thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support, your friendship and your counsel over the years.

It has been my honor to represent you as State Senator since 2006 – before that I served as your representative in the Assembly for 6 years – after serving 4 years on the Santa Rosa City Council.

Together, we fought for smart growth, for good stewardship for the environment, for living wage jobs, to protect our most vulnerable citizens and to make the best decisions for our agricultural and fishing industries.

I love representing you, and we can be proud of what we have accomplished together.

And because you know me, you also know that there have been some physical disabilities that I have had to contend with throughout my political career.
At this point, after a long period of reflection, and lots of discussion with my family, I believe the best decision for me at this time is to announce that I will not be seeking re-election in 2010.  

However, there is still important work to be done –– and we must still work together.
I ask for your continued support during the rest of my term so that we can win the upcoming important political battles.

Your contributions will go towards the causes in the District that are important to us: protecting the environment, helping working families, fighting for better and smarter government – all the issues we have worked so hard on for so long.

My friends – it is a privilege to represent you – the greatest district in California. I thank you so much – 

You are all in my heart.  

Labor Day Speech September 2009

Labor Day is special to me for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that I grew up in, a Union household.  My father was a member of the Machinist’s Union, for more than thirty years.  
He worked as an Aircraft Mechanic, for Lockheed.
He must have been good, because he kept getting assigned to top secret projects, like the famous U2 spy aircraft. 
Often, he would come home, and not only couldn’t he tell my mother and me, what he was working on, he couldn’t even tell us where, he had been working.

Because I grew up in a Union household, my childhood was safe, and secure.
Because I grew up in a Union household, my family was able to buy their own home, despite my father’s lack of education
Because I grew up in a Union household, we didn’t have to worry when my father injured his back, and was unable to work.
Because I grew up in a Union household, we didn’t have to worry when my father retired  - his pension was safe, secure, and adequate
Because I grew up in a Union household, I didn’t have to worry about my mother when my father died – the money was still there.
Every family in America deserves, that kind of security
Every working person in America deserves the opportunity, to join a union.
You know, sometimes you hear that what made this country great, was the chance for a few people to get rich.   Wrong! 
What made this country great, was the Labor movement, and the power that it gave to working families.

Now some of you may know that I do not plan to run for re-election next year. One of the things I'll miss most, once I leave office, is working with the men and women of organized labor.

There is so much more work to do, first and foremost, putting this economic crisis behind us, and putting people back to work.

We need to create and retain more jobs, jobs with good pay and good benefits. In the time I have left in office, I will fight for those good jobs -- I know I can count on you to keep fighting, too.
I will keep fighting for pay equity, and marriage equality, and I know I can count on you to keep fighting, too.

I will keep fighting to defend the rights of working families, and protect their retirement security, and I know I can count on you to keep fighting, too.

I will keep fighting to fix health care -- I am a long-time supporter of universal health coverage -- and I know I can count on you to keep fighting until every Californian, every American, has access to quality, affordable, care.

I know I can count on you, because you've been there before, and our working families are better off for it.

 Pat Wiggins, 1275 4th Street, #386, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
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