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Pat Wiggins Bio

Senator Pat Wiggins began her political career in local government, as a member of the Santa Rosa City Council in 1994.  She then became the Assemblymember for the 7th District (Napa, Solano and Sonoma counties) until she was forced out of office by term limits in December of 2004.  During her time in the Assembly, she served as Chair of the Local Government, Wine Industry, and Banking Committees.

In 2000, as Assemblywoman, Wiggins founded the Legislature’s Smart Growth Caucus (, which grew to include 47 of the legislature’s 120 members over the next few years.   She is the author of AB 857 (statutes of 2002), the most comprehensive state land use planning legislation in thirty years.   AB 857 established California’s spending priorities for future growth to help prevent sprawl, and to promote compact development and greater social equity.  She is also the author of legislation to facilitate farmworker housing,  to promote mixed-use development, and to increase funding for agricultural protection.  Other legislative initiatives included: 

AB 2878 (2001), which would have required cities to swap a portion of their sales tax revenue with counties for a portion of the counties’ property tax revenue
AB 1268 (initial version) (2003) which would have established statewide urban growth boundaries and inclusionary zoning
AB 2924 (2004) which would have provided grants to install solar panels on publicly subsidized housing developments 

In October 2001, then Assemblymember Wiggins brought together representatives of Napa County and all of its cities and urged them to plan collectively for the area’s long-term housing needs.  Local officials agreed, and went a step further by agreeing to work together on a comprehensive, county-wide land-use plan.   Wiggins provided support throughout the process, which to date has resulted in significant agreements among the governmental entities involved.   A comprehensive plan was expected in time for the next housing element cycle in 2007.

Noren, Pat, Steve

Assemblymember Wiggins with Santa Rosa City Council Members Noreen Evans and Steve Rabinowitsh viewing the restoration project on Santa Rosa Creek.

Pat Wiggins with mother and aunt

Pat with her aunt and mother at her City Council swearing-in.
Wiggins Assembly swearing-in

Pat and her family at stepson Jim's wedding

Senator Wiggins and family at Senate swearing-in celebration, December, 2006
Michael Allen with Senator Pat Wiggins
Pat with district director (now State Assemblyman) Michael Allen at Earth Elders celebration.
Noreen Evans with Pat
Pat with Noreen Evans (now State Senator)and Kenny Jowers at Gualala Progressive Democrats meeting.

Former Senator Wiggins is a second-generation Californian and a resident of Santa Rosa since 1985. She is married to Guy Conner, a computer software engineer, with whom she has two stepsons, Jim and Steve Silverman, and four grand-children. 

Pat, at one time, was an accomplished parachutist, having been raised in a family of daredevils.  Her father, Ralph Wiggins, was the stuntman responsible for the wing-walking maneuvers in Robert Redford’s classic movie, The Great Waldo Pepper, and her mother Grace (pictured at right) was one of the first women ever to parachute. 

Grace Wiggins 5/15/1915 - 10/3/2006

pat wiggins christmas
Christmas 2010 at home with family and friends


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